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I am so glad you are here

Welcome to my site! I hope that you are able to locate some information or resources that are helpful. The things on my site were created by me (with referencing from my source materials). I enjoy creating psychology - and especially neurodivergent - related content.


As a registered provisional psychologist, I support my clients to achieve their goals, especially with respect to burnout, anxiety, depression, and social relationships. 


I see many clients who are or who believe they may be neurodivergent.



  • Athabasca University, 2022, Master of Counselling 

  • University of Alberta, 2017, Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • University of Lethbridge, 2012, PhD Neuroscience 

  • University of Lethbridge, 2009, MSc Neuroscience 

  • University of Calgary, 2006, BA Psychology 


In addition to my Master of Counselling degree, I have a PhD in neuroscience, which provides me with a unique perspective to help those who are neurodivergent or experience brain-based conditions, such as autism, and mood disorders, including anxiety and depression. I am still an active researcher and keep up to date on areas important to counselling. 


With respect to my cultural identities, I am a cisgender, heterosexual woman who grew up as a member of the dominant culture. I always take my cultural identities into account and actively try to limit the biases of my upbringing. 

I am a happily married mother of three kiddos and two furbabies

Barli (dog) and Fry (cat)
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