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Dr. Whale is a Doctor in Counselling Psychology and she works with sea animals to help them sort through their struggles so they can live their best life under the sea!

Comic #2: "Help me Doc, I'm all tied up in knots!!" 

Comic #1: "I can't help if I appear hard on the outside. I have a soft interior, I swear!" 


Comic #4: "Doc, I feel like a fish outta water!" 

Comic #3: "She called me a shrimp in the bedroom, BUT I ain't no shrimp, I'm a PRAWN!!" 


Comic #5: "You try being married to the same turtle for 150 years!" 

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Comic #6: "It's not my fault! She judged me by my nose!

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Comic #7: "My wife says I should stand up to my boss, but I ain't got a backbone" 

Check back frequently for more - you never know where I will find inspiration!

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