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Memories are like that

I was on the bus coming back home from counselling this afternoon and I started thinking about how funny memories from childhood can be. There have been times where I was less than pleased with my parents because they had rules for me when I was younger, such as not being allowed to ride by bike to the store by myself until I was a certain age, but as soon as I was allowed to do it, my younger sister (by almost 3 years) was allowed to do it. I really disliked this and viewed it as entirely unfair.

But today, I was thinking about a different memory. I recall when I was probably 8 or 9 and I was playing the in backyard by myself. My father had a window pane that he was going to put in the house later, but it was leaning up against the back deck. Being young, I had the brilliant thought that I could climb up it like climbing up a slide. Needless to say, I did not make it very far before the pane cracked and I fell through the window.

I felt terrible and I was terrified that my dad was going to be so mad at me (rightfully so). I told my mother and I think she could sense how panicked I was (I am saying this reflecting back, but was totally unaware at the time). She said it would be ok and that she would talk to him about it when he got back from work.

When my mother told him the window was broken, he was very upset and asked what happened. I am guessing my mother sensed how mad he was and said that she had broken it by dropping her pail of clothespins on it when she was doing the washing (this was 30+ years ago!).

She took the blame for me.

I don't know if my mother remembers doing this or not. But I have never forgotten.

Love you, mom

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