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Dr. Whale

I was in the second part of my EMDR training (which started at 6AM!) and was doodling to keep myself focused. I find that doodling keeps part of my brain busy so that the rest of it can do what its supposed to be doing.

I began by doodling random squiggles, and then a fish, and then a fish in a suit. But instead of focusing on the lecture (which, to be honest, was a summary of Part 1), I was inspired to create a comic about a whale and what it would look like if they were a psychologist.

The first was comic #1. I liked the layered joke of a crab being hard on the outside but soft in the interior. I showed my husband and he was like oh my Lori, you're weird. But then proceeded to give me the idea for comic #2 "what if it was a squid that said he was all tied up in knots and his tentacle had a knot in it". Again, another layered joke. I loved it. Thanks Allen!

But then I kept getting ideas - shrimp vs prawn, hilarious (in my opinion!) and then the pig cause I like drawing pigs and I think my pig is particularly cute. And an outta water joke, come on, I had to!

So that is the summary of how Dr. Whale came to be. I hope to create more and share them with you. Oh and yes, she is a woman. A conscious choice that I made (you can see the addition of more feminine characteristics in #2, just so the woman part was obvious). Women can be doctors (I have a PhD in neuroscience), psychologists (hi), and any other descriptive detail you want to throw at me. But don't @ me for my choice here! Its mine. And I can do that. I gave myself permission.

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